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SDG #14 Life Below Water

Goal 14 is focused on conserving and sustainably using oceans, seas and marine resources. It is closely aligned with Goals 6 and 13. Sport can contribute to this sustainable development goal by focusing on sport based education programs on sustainably managing and protecting marine and coastal ecosystems.

Awareness campaigns can help promote awareness and action climate projects. Sport can be a vessel for climate action and help protect our natural resources.

Active tourism can help small island nations protect marine ecosystems by bringing in funds. Snorkeling, diving, surfing, and other aquatic based tourism attractions can help people understand the importance of protecting these places and help protect them. Strong policies need to be in place to help locals protect local marine resources so that it is not overrun with tourists and destroyed. This can help target 14.7.

Sport and recreation have a stake in wanting to protect the environments that are integral to it. Many of our favourite activities rely on these spaces to be preserved. Without conservation efforts we will not be able to snorkel over coral reefs, or swim in our oceans because they are too polluted.

Sports rely on these places in many ways, sports need to be part of the advocacy efforts and have sustainability strategies in place to help them protect the spaces that they use.


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