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Sports for Social Impact seeks to explore and educate on the power that sport has to create a positive impact on society. Specifically looking at sport policy and how we can use programs and policies for maximum impact. The hope is that these conversations and ideas will help achieve the maximum benefit of sport in our society. Check back monthly for new episodes.​


You can find Sports for Social Impact on the following platforms: Apple PodcastSpotify, Amazon Music, Breaker, CastboxPocket CastsRadio Public, and more!

The Sports for Social Impact podcast was nominated for two podcast awards


Season 1

S.1.E.1. Sport and Leadership (with Ryan Cobb)

S.1.E.2. Sport and Sustainability (with Courtney Burk)

S.1.E.3. Sport and Social Business (with Yunus Sports Hub)

S.1.E.4. Sport and LGBTQ Inclusion (with Dennis Quesnel)

S.1.E.5. Sport and Quality Education (with San Fransisco 49ers EDU)
S.1.E.6. Sport and Activism (with 0Megot)
S.1.E.7. Sport, Youth and Sustainable Development (with ENGSO Youth)
S.1.E.8. Sport and Social Inclusion (with Special Olympics Singapore)
S.1.E.9. Sport with Social Purpose (with Commonwealth Sport Canada)
S.1.E.10. Sport and Plastic Pollution (with Precious Plastics Mauritius)
S.1.E.11. Sport and Athlete Power (with Anastasia Bucsis)
S.1.E.12. Sport and Indigenous Reconciliation (with NAIG 2023)
S.1.E.13. Sport and The Active Economy (with ActiveCITY)
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