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Sports for Social Impact seeks to explore and educate on the power that sport has to create a positive impact on society. Specifically looking at sport policy and how we can use programs and policies for maximum impact. The hope is that these conversations and ideas will help achieve the maximum benefit of sport in our society. Check back monthly for new episodes.​


You can find Sports for Social Impact on the following platforms: Apple PodcastSpotifyAmazon MusicBreakerGoogle PodcastsCastbox​, Pocket CastsRadio Public, and more!

The Sports for Social Impact podcast was nominated for two podcast awards


Season 2

S.2.E.1. Grassroots Sport Diplomacy (with ISCA)

S.2.E.2. Sport and Placemaking (with Placemaking Europe)

S.2.E.3. Sport and Higher Education (with Rough Diamond)

S.2.E.4. Sport and Servicemen and Women (with Invictus Games)

S.2.E.5. Sport and Homelessness (with The Homeless Games)
S.2.E.6. Future of Sport (with Global Sports Week)
S.2.E.7. Sport and Health (with ENGSO Youth)
S.2.E.8. Peace through Sport (with Fight to Unite & the IMMAF)
S.2.E.11. Sport for All (with Matt Rogan)
S.2.E.9. A Coach's Plan to Social Impact (with Coach New Brunswick)
S.2.E.10. Future of Sport Events (with the Canada Games Council)
S.2.E.12. Sport for Development (with Golden Boots Uganda)
S.2.E.13. Sport and Gender Equality (with Tracy Edwards & The Maiden Factor)
S.2.E.14. Sport and Renewable Energy (with Wattsgood)
S.2.E.15. Can Sport Clubs Engage Fans in Sustainable Eating (with Hubbub)
S.2.E.16. Active TranSPORT (with Capital Bike)
S.2.E.17. Sport and Climate Change Part 1 (with Greg Dingle)
S.2.E.18. Sport and Climate Change Part 2 (with Dan Wilcock)
S.2.E.19. Sport and Climate Advocacy (with Protect our Winters Canada)
S.2.E.20. COP27

S.2.E.21. IOC Young Leaders Programme (with Rishav Bhowmik)

S.2.E.22. Sport and Mental Health (with Koun)

S.2.E.23. Sport and Reforestation (with Football for Forests)

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