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Sports for Social Impact seeks to explore and educate on the power that sport has to create a positive impact on society. Specifically looking at sport policy and how we can use programs and policies for maximum impact. The hope is that these conversations and ideas will help achieve the maximum benefit of sport in our society. Check back monthly for new episodes.​


You can find Sports for Social Impact on the following platforms: Apple PodcastSpotify, Amazon Music, Breaker, CastboxPocket CastsRadio Public, and more!

The Sports for Social Impact podcast was nominated for two podcast awards

Citrus Fruits

Season 3

S.3.E.1. Sport and Active Living (with Elena Mercedes)
S.3.E.2. Arctic Winter Games (with Arctic Winter Games Wood Buffalo 2023 and Mat-Su 2024)
S.3.E.3. Financing Active Transit (with Stientje van Veldhoven)
S.3.E.4. Gender Equality through Sport in Genocide Impacted Countries (with Kids Play International)
S.3.E.5. Engaging Communities around Sport for Development Projects (with love.fútbol)
S.3.E.6. PEI 2023 Canada Winter Games
S.3.E.7. Sport and Child Development (with Childreach Nepal)
S.3.E.8. Changing the Game (with MLSE Launchpad: Marika Warner & Bryan Heal)
S.3.E.9. Municipal Sport Policy (with Victoria City Councillor Matt Dell)
S.3.E.10. Reimagining Sport Events (with Hamilton 2030 Chair Louis Frapporti)
S.3.E.11. Skateistan: The Land of Skate (with Oliver Percovich)
S.3.E.12. Sport and Recreation Budgets in Canada
S.3.E.13. Dreaming in Colour with Fundlife (Marko Kasic)
S.3.E.14. Life in a National Park (with Mayor of Banff Corrie DiManno)
S.3.E.15. Swim for Change (with Chloé Leger)
S.3.E.16. Sport Tourism (with JOOKS Co-Founder Olivier Lebleu)
S.3.E.17. Global Sports Week 2023 (with Cedric Girard and Rithik Sinha)
S.3.E.18. ESports for Development (with Rahul Bissoonauth, Yunus Sports Hub)
S.3.E.19. Sport and Wildlife (with Water4Wildlife and Calvince Ogall)
S.3.E.20. Sport and Refugees (with KLABU, Tjark Klimant)
S.3.E.21. School of Hard Knocks (with Fakhrie Arendse)
S.3.E.22. Racing with Purpose (with The Ocean Race, Lucy Hunt)
S.3.E.23. Sport Equipment and the Circular Economy (with Nomads Surfing co-founder Thomas Cervetti)
S.3.E.24. Sport and Active Aging (with BC 55+ Games Event Manager Judy Joseph-Black)
S.3.E.25. Can Sport Venues be Catalysts for Change? (with Scott Marshall)
S.3.E.26. Sustainability at Mega Sport Events (with Örjan Lundberg)
S.3.E.27. Active Outdoor Play (with Outdoor Play Canada)
S.3.E.28. Sport and Innovation (with UEFA Innovation Hub)
S.3.E.29. Sport and Art (with Project Backboard)
S.3.E.30. Doorstep Sport and the Five Rights (with StreetGames)
S.3.E.31. Football without Borders (with Nikos Lemanis)
S.3.E.32. Learn to Camp (with Parks Canada)
S.3.E.33. Who Are Parks For? (with Park People)
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