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Canada's Minister of Sport and Physical Activity Mandate Letter

In July 2023, Canada's new Minister of Sport and Physical Activity was sworn into the role. This is Carla Qualtrough's second time serving in this role, having been Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities from 2015-2017. You can read the updated letter here.

In the letter, there are some positives, including:

  • Provide leadership and support to the sport community for safe and welcoming return-to-play strategies in light of COVID-19 adaptation requirements, including community sport and Team Canada preparations for international sporting events.

  • Ensure a holistic and balanced strategic approach to sport development in Canada that supports the purpose and goals of the Canadian Sport Policy, including improved health and wellness for all Canadians through community sport, increased accessibility to sport programs, reduced barriers, and the achievement of social and economic goals through the intentional use of sport.

  • Ensure the effective launch and implementation of the new Independent Safe Sport Mechanism, responsible for administering the implementation of the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport for federally funded sport organizations.

  • Work with the sports sector to find solutions to reduce its environmental footprint as well as better involve our athletes in the conversation on the fight against climate change.

  • Continue to develop additional programming to increase Canadians’ participation in sport, with a particular focus on Indigenous Peoples.

  • Promote physical activity as a fundamental element of health and well-being and encourage all Canadians, especially children and youth, to integrate and increase physical activity in their daily lives.

  • Work with Canadian sport and physical activity system partners to ensure that the Canadian sport and physical activity system reflects the diversity of Canada, and that traditionally underrepresented groups have equitable access to positive sport and physical activity opportunities.

  • Work with provincial and territorial partners to coordinate efforts in areas of physical activity, recreation, and active and healthy living, including by taking a more seamless approach to sport and physical activity policy development and program delivery.

There is still, however, a focus on high performance sport and success at international athletes:

  • Continue to advance the Canadian High Performance Sport Strategy and Action Plan to help Canadian athletes succeed at the highest levels of competition.

While international competition will remain part of the world of sport, it is essential that a greater focus is put on using sport for sustainable development. Many of the points focus on getting Canadians involved in sport and physical activity and little discussion on leveraging sport for Canada's policy goals and ambitions.


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