Anna Louise Bradley is both an urban psychologist and geographer in training, as well as a fitness professional, based in Amsterdam. Working with STIPO and Placemaking Europe since 2018, Anna has worked on projects using an integral placemaking and feminist approach to coalesce the perspectives of health, well-being, public space, inclusivity, and participatory processes to make our cities more liveable and active. Specifically, Anna is passionate to facilitate our built environment to foster physical activity in our daily lives to bring out upwards spirals for greater public health measures, social cohesion, and sense of belonging. You can learn more about her work on this topic, and specifically with the P.A.R.K. project, funded by Erasmus+ Sports, here:  https://placemaking-europe.eu/listing/placemaking-for-active-recreation-kit-park/

Placemaking Europe is a network for placemaking in Europe, connecting practitioners, academics, community leaders, market actors and policy makers throughout Europe in the field of placemaking, public space, social life, human scale and the city at eye level. They develop and share knowledge; develop, test and use tools; exchange ideas; and actively shape projects together. They support and collaborate with organisations who want to work on placemaking, social life, human scale, and a better eye level experience.

What is placemaking? The quality of the public space defines the participation of citizens. Cities need great streets which connect to even better places. A public zone has to be intuitively useable. Users should want to stay and feel home. The urban architecture has to provide good plinths (active ground floors) in the human scale. Placemaking Europe is connecting a growing number of practitioners, academics, community leaders, market parties and policy makers throughout Europe. The members employ placemaking tools and work on public spaces. The network shares knowledge, exchanges ideas, and actively shapes projects together.

Placemaking Europe - Placemaking for Active Recreation Kit (PARK) Website: https://placemaking-europe.eu/listing/placemaking-for-active-recreation-kit-park/

STIPO Website: https://stipo.nl/

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