Eric Houghton has been involved with the Homeless World Cup since he was the England captain back in 2003. But it was a chance conversation with one of his mates Dave Morton – who doesn’t like football one bit – that led to them launching the Homeless Games. There are huge benefits for each and every homeless person who takes part. A chance to improve their health, both physical and mental. Developing their confidence and pride. Helping them to find new pathways, gaining new skills and accessing much-needed support. Since 2010, The Homeless Games (THG) has hosted the two-day annual Homeless Games in Liverpool, providing ‘Olympic style’ games for people who are or have experienced homelessness in last two years with participants coming from across the UK to take part. THG has arranged and organised provision for health and well-being stalls and services including Cancer Awareness, Drink Awareness, Substance Misuse, Sexual Health Advice, Massage, Health Checks, Premier League Health Courses, Dental Advice, Healthy Eating and Dietary Advice were made available to all those who attended the main two day event.  These were offered in conjunction with the local area Primary Care Trusts, the local Premier League Football Clubs (Everton Foundation and Liverpool Football Club), Age Concern and Local Authorities. Twitter: @HomelessGames Facebook:

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