Val de Falbaire is the founder of Precious Plastics Mauritius and one of the IOC Young Leaders (2019-2020). Val grew up with sport and had a career in swimming and triathlon for about 15 years. In 2014, he was elected by the Mauritius National Olympic Committee as a Young Change-Maker and started his project called AgingWell which is focused on tackling the high levels of diabetes and obesity in Mauritius through sport activities. He has since started Precious Plastics Mauritius. 

Precious Plastics Mauritius (PPM) started with a team of volunteers, who constructed two recycling machines and some moulds. Today there are seven recycling machines that can make beach tennis racquets, sport medals, swimming paddles, rock climbing grips and other non sport related products.  Every two weeks, beach cleanups are organized and volunteers and school kids are invited to join and realize the impact of plastic pollution. The beach cleanup always starts with a visit to the recycling hub and fisheries with some beach games using recycled sports equipment.

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