Identified by the United Nations as an important tool to help achieve Sustainable Development Goal #4, Quality Education, sport can be used in multiple ways to facilitate progress towards this goal. In this episode we explore how sport can be incorporated and used in school curriculum's to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) lessons.

In this episode we talk to Jesse Lovejoy. Jesse is the director of 49ers EDU & the San Francisco 49ers Museum. He is also the managing partner of EDU Academy. Lovejoy joined the 49ers in August 2013, when he was brought on to envision and implement educational and community programming for the 49ers, and develop the content of and operating structure/plan for the 49ers Museum.

While spearheading the 2014 launch of the Museum—a 20,000 square foot facility featuring 11 unique gallery and exhibit spaces exclusively dedicated to the 49ers past, present and future—Lovejoy concurrently led the 49ers into a domain where no professional sports organization had ventured before, a comprehensive STEAM Education Program for students in grades K-8, completely free to the end-user. In 2017, as inbound interest in the 49ers STEAM efforts continued to rise, Lovejoy formed and launched EDU Academy, a consulting arm which helps organizations envision, build and launch education programs.

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