Under the leadership of Peace Nobel Laureate Prof Yunus, the social business movement has been tackling global challenges, across all industries, for the past 40 years. Who is Prof Yunus? What is social business? What does it bring to the sport table? How to get involved? This episode aims to give you the why and how of sport and social business. Abby Smith is the Community Manager Yunus Sports Hub. She is interested in tackling the income and opportunity gaps in sport, Abby found her passion for sport & social business. She has experience in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors of youth sports. While competing in the NCAA, Abby launched an urban youth lacrosse program in partnership with US Lacrosse. Outside of lacrosse, Abby has delivered sport for development programs in over 12 different countries throughout Europe, Africa, and North America. In 2019, Abby moved across the pond and earned a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Nottingham. Join the Sports & Social Business Community: https://yunussportshub.com/sign-up/ 

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