Sustainability and climate action has become an important topic, especially for a lot of young people. This month my guest is Courtney Burk as we talk about sport & recreation and sustainability. Courtney is a graduate of Renaissance College (2017) and is currently working on her Master of Science in Environmental Management at UNB, studying wildlife connectivity. She has always been an environmentalist but found her love of trail and ultra running while living in Canmore, Alberta and now uses running to connect herself and others to nature. She is a Dirtbag Runners Ambassador, to support a safe and supportive community that encourages getting outside, respecting the planet, and sharing the stoke of adventure. You can connect with her online through Instagram (@shortneyxox) or Twitter (@CourtneyBurk2) if you love running, nature, animal puns or environmental content. Courtney summed herself up:  “I like to run. I like to snack. I like to play outside. I like science. I love my cat and my partner. The end.

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