Sports have a power to inspire. It has the power to capture the imagination and attention of the public and draw their attention to important issues in our society. Sport can be used to advocate for changes in our society through activism. In this episode, we explore how 4 young people in France are using the sport of swimming to create a conversation surrounding cigarette butt pollution.  Chloe Leger is 24 years old, working in product engineering in R&D at MAPED. She is living in Annecy, France. She is the co-founder and one of 4 swimmers of 0Megot. 0Megot is a charity aiming to raise awareness about cigarette butt pollution, by swimming down the river Seine, 380km, to retrace the symbolic route of a cigarette butt from the city of Paris to the Ocean. Follow their journey on their social media: Instagram:  Linkedin: 

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